Why this should be your 6th New Years Resolution

Why this should be your 6th New Years Resolution

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He who hesitates is lost, and the beginning of our shiny new 2019 is not the time to be lost.  Let’s agree not to hesitate with our plans to move on, move up and move forward because this is a terrific time to make all your resolutions for change including your real estate resolutions!

Speaking of resolve, while most of us are pretty familiar with the top 5 reasons we resolve to hire ourselves agents to represent us in our sale or purchase of real estate, such as these:

1.       Agent understanding of market values in order to assist with list or offer price

2.       Agent experience with the process

3.       Agent ability to negotiate on our behalf

4.       Agent knowledge of the current marketplace

5.       Agent skill to do the paperwork for us

would you be surprised to learn there is one more important reason to resolve to hire an agent to represent you when you purchase or sell a home this coming year?


Agents recognize what is going on in the thoughts and feelings of buyers and sellers because we’ve been buyers and sellers, too!  We agree there is a difference between a house and a home.  A house is just a building, at its lowest common denominator, consisting of walls, ceilings, flooring and fixtures. We understand that while a home can certainly look like it’s exactly the same thing, it isn’t actually the same thing!

We will buy a house but we live in our homes and those homes occupy a special place in our hearts.

Separating feelings from facts while applying business acumen as professionals is what allows us to be your best advocate during a transaction.  We aren’t limited within the art of the deal by the same emotions that may limit you. 

Everyone selling or buying property wants, needs and deserves the representation of an agent who is as invested in reaching your financial and location goals along and your happiness in the final outcome, in the same way you are so intimately invested in finding the perfect place that will become your new HOME.

This difference is real and as important as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and amount of square footage when it comes to buying and selling a piece of real estate. 

At some indefinable point, indefinable precisely because it is unique to each individual, there comes a paradigm shift. 

For the homeowner the home must become a house; a product for sale.  That change of perspective lowers stress levels and impacts the success of their sale. 

For the one seeking to purchase a home, it occurs almost instantaneously when they walk through the right house.  First, they are just seeing rooms and closet space when suddenly the shift occurs. The house becomes the place they want to call home. 


A sale price is determined, repairs are requested and terms are arrived at that become an offer to purchase.

Anyone who has already been on either side of this situation can agree, once that PING in a heart takes over it colors every decision and drives each choice. 

Unless the offer is for full price with no repairs, changes or additions and within a 30-45 days window for closing, many sellers may find themselves struggling to be objective. 

It can be hard to let go of something you discover you are more emotionally attached to than you may have realized. You’ve spent years building memories in and sweating for and working so hard to take the best care of this home.  You want it to be valued the way you value it.

For the buyer, the counter-offer can be a dangerous roadblock to completing the sale they actually want to complete.

A lack of objectivity may be a stumbling block to either party at this point. Each is now invested emotionally in the outcome and each wants the outcome they desire!

The buyer wants the house in as great a condition as they can possibly get a seller to agree to and at the lowest possible price their agent can negotiate.  The seller wants the most money that they feel they should receive from the sale of their home.

This is why you absolutely must resolve to hire an agent to represent you!  This is when you most need an objective person involved who is able to negotiate on your behalf for the best price and terms without letting emotional reactions interfere with getting to the closing both parties really want.

2019 has begun and the marketplace is swarming with people looking to buy a new home, most determined to make a purchase before further mortgage rate increases happen.

·         The competition of resale homes isn’t quite as fierce during the winter months, so opportunity abounds

·         Mortgage interest rates, while rising slightly, are still at affordable levels

·         January tends to fill us all with a sense of starting anew in our lives; a new home is a wonderful new start!

We are ready to help!

Give us a call TODAY – you won’t be sorry!

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